Gatsby Quotes & SAT Prep

Students looked through an electronic text version of The Great Gatsby and found quotes over the three primary characters.  Students emailed Borger quotes on Tuesday, 03/28 at the end of class. She compiled quotes and shared that as a Google doc with students who submitted homework electronically. For those who did not, here is a  list of Gatsby Quotes compiled by peers across both classes.

Gatsby character projects are due Thursday 03/30 at the end of class.

As you finish, go to Khan Academy and login using your school Google account.  If you haven’t signed up yet in other classes, ‘create a new account’ at the bottom & use your SHS Google information so you can log in the remainder of the week prior to next Wednesday’s SAT.

You can also take some practice tests through the College Board site without logging in.

Here’s some tutorials and access to an SAT app as well.

You can also take practice test through Varsity Tutors.


The Great Gatsby Character Projects

Students will then crate a poster, collage, or other artistic representation of their favorite character(s) from The Great Gatsby.  Projects need to be primarily visual and can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional.  Students need to incorporate 6 specific quotes which provide insights to the character and/or show how that character transforms/changes (or stays the same) over the course of the text. Quotes can be embedded into the project or you can attach quotes to a finished piece as shown in class.

Students can search a complete version of The Great Gatsby They have already read excerpts of the novel, but can use the “Ctrl + f” function to search for a character’s name within a chapter to find quotes for this project.

We will be using Chromebooks to gather quotes on Monday & Tuesday.  Any student on any other site besides those related to The Great Gatsby will turn-in their Chromebook & will be given a hard copy of the text instead. 

Students need to turn in quotes to Borger by Tuesday 03/28/17.

Final character projects are worth 100 points and will be due Thursday 3/30/17.  Late projects will be docked 10% each day late and will not be accepted beyond Monday 04/03/17.

The Great Gatsby

Students will begin watching The Great Gatsby in class. Students who miss viewing days may need to make up the work by reading chapters from the novel so make an effort to be in class this week. 

Students will complete a character sheet analyzing how characters are dressed, what they say, how they act, how others react to them, etc. This will be due at the end of each day for points.

Students will complete a character project at the end of the week, analyzing the personality traits & symbolism of one character from the film.