The Great Gatsby Character Projects

Students will then crate a poster, collage, or other artistic representation of their favorite character(s) from The Great Gatsby.  Projects need to be primarily visual and can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional.  Students need to incorporate 6 specific quotes which provide insights to the character and/or show how that character transforms/changes (or stays the same) over the course of the text. Quotes can be embedded into the project or you can attach quotes to a finished piece as shown in class.

Students can search a complete version of The Great Gatsby They have already read excerpts of the novel, but can use the “Ctrl + f” function to search for a character’s name within a chapter to find quotes for this project.

We will be using Chromebooks to gather quotes on Monday & Tuesday.  Any student on any other site besides those related to The Great Gatsby will turn-in their Chromebook & will be given a hard copy of the text instead. 

Students need to turn in quotes to Borger by Tuesday 03/28/17.

Final character projects are worth 100 points and will be due Thursday 3/30/17.  Late projects will be docked 10% each day late and will not be accepted beyond Monday 04/03/17.