Poetry Outloud: Poem Recitation

Yup!  Borger’s making you memorize and recite more stuff again!

Today, your task is to read through the poems in the Poetry Outloud Anthology, and potentially select a poem to memorize and recite to Borger.  This will be a major 100 point assignment in here (equivalent to a major essay).  This Presentation Rubric will be used to grade your recitation.

One good method of searching is to narrow poems by “Poetic Form and Terms” using the search box on the left of the page.  They also categorize poems that are “25 Lines or Fewer” for folk who aren’t huge fans of memorization.

Do not print poems today unless you are certain that is the poem you want to memorize. I suggest you make a Word document and copy and paste links or the poems themselves, and save them in your F: drive until you are certain which you want to recite. Sometimes you need to read a poem aloud a number of times. Your participation points today will come from me checking for poems in your F: drive.  Label the file “Poetry Outloud” for easy access. 

Selection titles & authors are due to Borger by Wednesday, 1/14, this week (25 points). Today is the only class day devoted to searching for poems.  Review them during 9th hour if you didn’t find poems this afternoon.

For students interested in participating in the school-wide competition, check out the rules here. I will be holding individualized coaching sessions with students serious about competing.  I have helped coached speech team members who have competed at the state and national levels before.  I believe we have the talent here to go beyond SWIC’s competition in February.  If you believe it too, make your selections quickly and start memorizing!

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